Avalon Resurfaced

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
~Khalil Gibran


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Story Intro

Posted by HylianAngel on April 15, 2015 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)


You probably all know who I am, but I'll say it just to be safe. I'm HylianAngel. I rather not out my real name here due to some personal reasons and I don't care if you guys knew my name just. I don't like my name to be honest. Anyways, I think it's about time I shared parts of my life like a story. Since I know some of us had known each other in the past. I'm not sure where to start with some of this. I'm sure this will not go in a chronological order of how my life went but I'll tell when about when this happened. So here goes I guess part one. Also this came to mind due to another person I know doing the same thing.


Around the end of year 2013


It had been a while since the girl had gotten unto the website 43things. She had deleted her account from there. Mostly out of anger not wanting to deal with a person on there called Lord Bear Claw. She had joined a goal many others had joined on their. Growing wings. Yes, to her it made have seemed she was still having childish beliefs. Though the young girl had felt there was a possibility even though Lord Bear Claw, being a science person, was proving that magick and among other things to get to that goal was realistic. Supposedly wasting their lives. After deleting her account she had joined a site called WingedOnes. Making a account which was called HylianAngel. Originally wanting the name WolfFeather, bit sadly it was not available. Since on the internet and some of her friends called her Wolf. Now Wolf after trying everything she thought she could to get wings posted a topic saying she was losing hope. Of course she wasn't a smart as she was now about thinking things through and well being a teen didn't help that fact anymore. She of course got many comments people like don't give up already. One especially that made her a bit angry. After talking back and forth between a few people. She had finally gotten into shifting. Previously not touching on the subject due to mostly fear of it not working or it going wrong. Wolf soon started working on the shifting. Starting with the mental shift which was painful on a level since she was unsure about losing the way she was now. After a few months of this going on she dived into researching and learning magick. Though things in this part will not end so happily. Not being careful enough Wolf's mother found out about the magick, which her mother would call witchcraft, and sort of about growing wings. Wolf was in major trouble and well soon sent to a psychiatrist. Which had smacked almost everything she had hope in out of her. Though her mind kept a strong hold unto it. Though she had skipped over it for a long time. During this time she had forgotten almost completely about growing wings and magick, her mind continue to shift on it's own will. I know sounds weird or creepy huh. Wolf had little to no idea though all the things she was doing was linking her back to an old life that wasn't remembered. Though through these things triggered memories bit by bit to come back. Just these memories mostly came in the form of dreams. This where the more present things will come into play. I'll leave it here for now. Ciao~!