Avalon Resurfaced

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
~Khalil Gibran

My Knights

1-  Silveris (Fauna) F

Description: Black hair, purple eyes, pale skin, rather tall

Species: Avian


2- Breimant (Not Found) M

Description: longish blonde hair, blue-green eyes, slight tan

Species: Draconian\


3- Laelana (Not Found) F

Description: brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Species: Water Fae


4- Yang (Not Found) M

Description: Black hair, red eyes, regular skin

Species: Wolf Shifter


5- Venir (Not Found) M

Description: Black hair, green eyes, Yang's twin

Species: Wolf Shifter


6- Starnaria (Found) F

Description: Black hair, grey eyes, Silveris's sister

Species: Avian-Mermaid


7- Floradisa (Found) F

Description: blonde hair, pink eyes, pale

Species: Mermaid


8- Name Unknown (Not Found) F

Species: Puma Therian


9- Name Unknown (HylianAngel) M

Species: Avian

10- Seraphina (Not Found) F

Description: brown hair, blue eyes

Species: Wolf Therian

11- Name Unknown (Not Found) M

Species: Draconian

12- Name Unknown (Not Found) F

Species:Tiger Therian

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